Manik Mercian - Journey To The Victoria's Secret Show 2011.

Designer Jenny Manic Mercian has always had a passion for the arts and the world of fashion. Mercian launched her first range of hand crafted couture work at Australian Fashion Week in 2005 which became an instant success. Her designs were immediately bought by International boutiques such as Hervey Nichols. Scout from Victoria's Secret was also impressed by her work and ask Mercian if she would create for the brands runway shows. 

Soon after, her hand made intricate designs adorned the Angels at the 2005 VS show. Describing her work as ''shockingly beautiful' VS asked Mercian to come back and create  jewelled metal couture for their 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 shows.

Some of Mercian's work for the runway include elaborate crystal encrusted metal corsets and body armour, intricate jewelled angel wings and full length garments all crafted by hand using thousands of crystal, semi-precious stones and metals.

A great achievement and acknowledgement of her unique work Jenny Manik Mercian was awarded ''Catwalk Jewels of the Year'' at the UK Jewellery Awards during British Jewellery Week 2010.


Her work is truly spectuacular. Super talented!

Passion wings

Angles Aquatic neck piece she made it  with thousands of tiny Swarovski crystals!

It was inspired by the lion fish.

Sui He wears  Ballet design.. Looking beautiful!

Lilly Donaldson in passion jewels!

Anna Vyalitsyna in crystal fish scale skirt!

Here is Mercian space at the Victoria's Secret studios in NYC.

My favorite and in my opinion the most beautiful angel Alessandra Ambrosio! 

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  1. PERFECT darling just absolute perfection!!!! And you soooo manage to show it in the best possible way :D i'm so PROUD of you hun!Keep it going so good my amazing friend & future co-worker hihihi :*******
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Alessandra Ambrosio je pravi andjeo! Suoper post, kakvi detalji, savrseno...

  3. Kakvo loooodilooo!!!:) Spektakularno, bas kao sto si i napisala!:)


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