Well, yes.. the worst day of the week but...Sun is shining.
It’s so nice and sunny but unfortunately it was only in the morning. In Serbia we have to make the most of any nice weather because our ‘’summers’’ can be completly ‘’wash-out’’. The great weather in my country is so unpredictable and can be disappointing like today.
Anyway, I had relaxing and enjoyable time with my twin sister Bojana (you can see my old post about her here) .  Shopping and lunch with Bojana is happiness tasted and time well spent! 

Bershka jeans
Nesal denim jacket
ALDO sneakers
Guess bag
Parfois bracelets
gift from cousin necklace
 not branded blouse and sunnies

not branded pants
Parfois bracelets
Six earrings
Gift from friend bag and belt
New Yorker sunnies
Stradivarius shirt
Converse sneakers
Mango cardigian

I hope you all have a great start of the week!

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Casual weekend

    Casual looks from weekend, which is to say,  amazing weather, clothes to go out with friends and nothing too elegant. I spend almost all weekend out  and enjoying in sunny weather. Don’t you just love how comfy anything over sized is? My favorite floral jumpsuit from Saturday!

Not branded jumpsuit
Avon bag
Six-gift from friend earrings
Scarf and bracelets from Indian shop
Not branded wedges

Not branded sunnies
Chanel watch

 A casual black and white look that defines simple-classical-chic outfit, from Sunday. A touch of rocker-chic with leather liquid leggings mixed with stripes and sneakers. 

H&M t-shirt
 Bershka cotton ‚‚blazer‚‚
Gift from friend leggings
Not branded bag, earrings and bracelet
sneakers- I bought in some vintage shop in Pefkohori (Greece)

  Today is raining in Belgrade… I feel nauseous, sleppy and really suicidal. I can always tell when it’s raining without even looking out the window because I always start feeling so bad when it happens. I want back sunny weekend. :(


Denim dress

If you would ask me if there is something in fashion I can’t live without, I would answer: it’s denim! The rough texture is the best existing fashion all-rounder. No matter which season and which trends are important so far, denim is something you can always wear. So, of course it’s a topic for this summer’s season, too. My tip for every fashion lover is to invest into the denim trend  because you’ll wear it for a long period of time. Denim isn’t just a pair of pants. Designers know, that denim is loved by every customer, no matter which age, gender or body shape they have. Therefore, they design everything you can think of in denim fabric: Skirts, shorts, blouses, blazers, jackets and dresses, there is nearly nothing which isn’t designed in denim by now.
A more dressy and chic way to wear denim – a denim dress with platform sandals. My favorite denim dress is from ZARA , it’s simple and stylish at the same time. For a more casual look you could combine the dress with the  sneakers or flat sandals, but I personaly prefer the platform sandals in order to stay a little bit more sophisticated.

Zara dress
P.S fashion black bracelet, Gate one pearls bracelets
Not branded sunnies
Gift from sister earrings
Not branded platforms
Carpisa bag



Ok, I`m not gonna start with the usual ``I can`t believe how quickly this month has flown away`` comment (even though I want to :). I guess it`s a good thing that time passes so quickly and it means that I`m busy and living life to the fullest  ( or at least I try). 

I`m ready for busy May:

Hello warmer weather. I`ve been waiting for you. 
Hello organizing.
Hello writing deadlines. 
I need you in my life and thanks to someone special  I have them. 
Hello little things in my life.
I`m going to take real good care of you.
 I know God has something big planned for my life, just not quite sure what it is yet. Start small. 
Hello hard work. Looking forward to knowing you better. Great things are going to happen, M A Y .
Here are a few highlight from April, a few knic-knacks that have made me happy and inspirational pictures. Hope you like it ;)


my love!!!

my twin sister Bojana and me  :D


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