Yesterday I enjoyed morning with my gorgeous Svetlana (Dictionary of Fashion)  having a drink, laughing, taking pictures…finally she came to Belgrade and I met her. For all of you who don’t know, I start with blog because of her. Although she didn’t know me personally, I’m so grateful for her perseverance and huge will, everything she did for me seems so little, but it means a lot to me! Ceci you know everything!  ♥

Parfois flats 
Aldo bag
Panter hat
Six earrings
not branded dress, sunnies and bracelets

ph by Svetlana

Have a nice weekend





My birthday is right around the corner (7th July) … My plans are still a bit up in the air but regardless of what they are, I plan to dress up and enjoy the day,night! I went shopping today and I have a really big desire to show you what I have bought! Classy black sandals I was looking for very long time and I found them in Zara and also this so girly romantic dress. Jumpsuit I bought this weekend in Panter shop in Zemun but shop assistant told me that the same can be found in the Chinese shop..I’m in love with jumpsuit this summer, and also I was looking for white one! I hope you like the result of my little shopping and of course expect  soon new outfit posts with new pieces in a leading role!

I wore jumpsuit this weekend.. and look at my little niece princess JANA



You can if you think you can!

Finally..It’s Friday! You know those situations when you’ve finished all planned commitments and you are satisfied  with the output of it, you remove a huge burden and finally you can enjoy, without a little guilt in the beautiful, sunny and hot day of June. The temperatures are scorching and the sun is shining which means there’s no better time to show off your sizzling sense of summer style. This is my suggestion outfit for breezy summer.  

Motivi t-shirt
gift from cousin necklace
Parfois sunnies and bracelets
vintage skirt and sneakers
Aldo bag

Have a rise and shine weekend, remember to smile, be positive and follow your dreams.




Inspiration board: SUMMER!

Summer is here… 
 Time for love to bloom, for tender moments warm embraces and sizzling kisses. Summer, in my mind is a season that is synonymous with cliched fleeting romances, lingering daylight hours, brezzy sundresses, spending endless hours on the beach, espadrilles, thundrestroms after a hot day, ice cream, fruit salad, swimsuit, sea, horizon white spaces, sunseats, running into sprinklers, thousled beach hair, getting absorbed in novels, music festivals, iced tea, acoustic music, tan lines, fireworks, light fabrics and warm nights.  C’est la vie!!!


Hope you enjoyed in pictures. ;)