Goodbye August…Hello September!

  August has been a short month for me. I started the month with a bang! August, you’re always a month I’m happy to see go, although you have been much more bearable this year, on the whole. 
I had the best summer holiday ever!

What's important is taking care of myself so I can be there to care for others in my life. That means I have to do  exercise to help relieve stress and decrease my chances of heart disease. It's getting back up again and moving forward. Even if that movement is just baby steps, even if those steps are on your toes...I can do it!

 It's a new month with new challenges. Hello new fashion trends! Hello wedding season (I have two weddings in September), hello breezy nights and new hair. Bedtime reading and hot coffee on walks. Hello routines, hardwork, applications and saying yes instead of no. Pleased to meet you, sketchbooks, zines. Hello movies on couches and library dates. Writing letters and pushing send. 
You shall be the best one yet!


Zara dresses for my older sister`s wedding in September.

I choose red, my fav color! ;) WHAT DO YOU THINK?

                                                                  before maniqure

after maniqure

there is nothing better than delicious snack with mom

Everything good about me, came from my mom. If I can be half the mother that she is, I will consider motherhood a success.

Two loves: baby niece JANA and dog LARA

Best friends from childhood

magnet that I bought in Greece  ;)

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Like a maniac, you're feeling wild with me!

...The summers were longer, they went on forever..
Oh and the sky so blue.. we  never worried about anything, we didin’t question the nature of things, we didn’t want to know! Memories, they ligner with you but you.. soon forget that we started in innocence,  soon forget when you are grown. All together we’re strong, a feeling wild and free!

not branded (bought in Greece) T-shirt 
not branded earrings
Tally Weijl panty
Peacocks top
P...S..fashion hair bando 
ZARA sunnies
MUBB  flip-flops

clean water :) and hedgehogs :(



Moon walking!

Just a  hot Friday night…  Local caffe ‚‚Destino‚‚ friends from highschool, drinking, laughing!

Bojana said something funny and look my confused face :D


Greece accessorize earrings
not branded t-shirt bought in Greece
Pull&Bear+handmade safety pin skirt
Parfois flats
not branded bag
Indian shop and not branded bracelets

ph. by: Don Arsenije

 Have a nice week!
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Catch the moment!

slikaj me dok sam wet!

afrikanac trazi autogram :D

ljuljam se

Neos Marmaras.. Bojana

Bojana u vodi, ja je cekam da izadje.. skakala sa broda, srce mi je stalo!

peace and love!




najukusniji sladoled na svetu!

steta nije sunca bilo to jutro.
Bojana i talas. Smeh do suza!!!


Hope you like my ``catch the moment`` pictures! 
Wish you all  relaxing weekend !
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