*** 5 Spring 2012. trends ***

Spring is fast approaching and it`s high time to start getting ready for warm weather with a host of fun trends.

Top five colors trends from runways 2012. spring-summer NYFW

MINT GREEN, the color of the season. It is characterized by a light green, pastel, among mixed with a sof blue and sometimes green turqoise. From others know as `` aqua green`` of  ``green Tiffany`s `` but the most desirable color. The stores are full of it and all we found streetstyles, from models to bloggers, have incorporated it in their lockers. 

Of course, we all will end up buying something in this color. 

Combined with other pastel colors or black are the most basic ways to use them.

It`s official... the trend of the moment is mint green jeans


When you think of  ``neon``, what comes to your mind? It`s bright, it glows and it`s loud etc? 

Something that was big during 80`s? I know it scares most of the people thinking of colors like neon. Especially, when it comes to wearing something so bright and loud. But we`ve also seen the neon trend keeps on coming back every now and then. ``Neon trend`` is back with a ``BANG`` this time. 
It`s made a  huge comeback. From high end designers to the high streets, it`s everywhere. It`s not my favorite of the trends but it has caught my attention at the moment.
 Not that I follow the trends all the time. The reason why I kinda like it, is because it`s quite bold and it brightens up any outfit you wear.


There is no denying that pastel trend has been all over the runway in recent fashion shows. This palette is so fresh and yummy it makes me melt. You can really do no wrong with pastels. They can be layered together, mixed with florals and stripes, keep them sweet and girsly of give them an adge. 

Whether you go for a head-to-toe look or choose to accessorise with a pastel coloured bag of jewellery, be sure to try this trend!


Once upon a time a color named Tangerine tango. It was born as orange, but the Pantonegurus decided that ``orange`` was a very ordinary name for a fashionable color and they renamed it as Tangerine Tango.  Once the warm weather hits, try wearing a blod dress, top of bikini in this shade. However, if you are feeling a little color shy, start small by rocking a tangerine mani of accessory. This trend was part of winter and is gonna be part of spring-summer 2012.



Well, it`s a short overskirt or ruffle attached to the waist of a dress, jacket, top or skirt.  This trend is a huge hit during the `80. bart pack era and now this hot trend is back once again. 



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  1. Super post, lepo sve na jednom mestu :) Ja volim pastelne boje...i čini mi se da će cvetni print ponovo bii hit :D

  2. Анониман14. март 2012. 09:31

    kakav si modni genijalac!

  3. Slazem se sa tobom! Mint boja mi je bas dobra,a o neon bojama da i ne pricam! :D

  4. aah koliko volim ovu mint boju! opsednuta sam u poslednje vreme!
    odlican post, prvi put da nadjem sve sve sve trendove za prolece na jednom mestu...
    i hvala za divan komentar, uvek se obradujem kad vidim da je od tebe... ljubim =))

    1. Samo sto ja ne bih mogla da se obucem u mint od glave do pete, to mi je preterano! :)
      Hvala Anchy i nema na cemu, glavu gore! Cmok!

  5. Totalno pogođeno.....baš svi trendovi su mi super!


  6. Dopada mi se trend ovog proleca. Ima za svakog po nesto.

  7. Bice ovo lepo prolecfe-leto :)
    Svi su odusevljeni mint zelenom :) a pastilne boje jednostavno sivma lepo stoje :)

  8. great selection dear!!love mint and pastel hehe..

  9. Odlican post, bice nama lepo prolece !:)

  10. super post! Sve volim, samo sam vise za pastelne nego neon boje, ne znam...:)

  11. Duso moja divan je pregled trendova!!! Slike i inspiracije su odlicne!! Ja sam pristalica svih boja ovde!! Prigrlila sam u potpunosti svoj zivot i sebe u zadnje vreme i sve mi je prelepo!:))) Cmokim punoooooo!!!<3

  12. Odlicno si izabrala, svidja mi se combo za momke! :)


  13. Great post! I'm loving mint & neon lately!

  14. super post! srecna sam zbog pastelnih nijansi na celu sa omiljenom mint,ali mi je i drago sto se neon jos uvek tu negde shunja ;) :*

  15. Great post and very inspiration!
    I hope you can return to my blog and maybe we become followers =)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Volim postove u kojima se vidi trud, a ovaj je jedan od takvih!:)
    Elem, pastelne su mi jos uvek izazov sa kojim se suocavam, dok sam neon vec opredelila za detalje :) Bice ovo jedno veselo prolece :)
    Ljuuuubim I.!!!

  17. ovo ljeto će biti zanimljivo :) savršene boje su u igri!

  18. Mint i puder roza <3 obožavam. Inspirativno.

  19. mint i neon.....savrseni trendovi za ovo prolece i leto...

  20. Pastelno <3 <3 <3

    odličan blog draga, od sad ćeš me češće viđat ovdje, pusaaa


  21. Samo da ti posaljem cmokic!:) Nadam se da uzivas u lepom vremenu, i da se malo slikas!;)

  22. Kako nam se modni trendovi nametnu,htjeli mi to ili ne,ali dobro ja se bas ni ne bunim :)Nije bas da pratim sve trendove u stopu,ali se trudim prilagoditi sebi :)
    Svidja mi se blog,ako zelis posjeti i ti moj,ako ti se dopadne mozemo pratiti jedna drugu.

  23. jao meni ovi nezni pasteli i mint dupence pomeraju
    kupila bih sve :D

  24. Loving the spring trends :)

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  25. Jao, Ico, pa ti si imala ovakve noktiće večeras, a nismo ih slikali! Super je post, obožavam sve ove boje :)
    P.s. I bila si divna večeras! Hvala ti što si mi ulepšala dan :D :*


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